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About Pre-Med Hell


Pre Med Hell is a blog run entirely by students, the goal of this blog is to provide tips, that have helped other students throught he same process, and also to place a satirical spin on the traditional pre-med lifestyle. We will make fun of pre-meds and joke about them, but this is all in good faith remember we are all pre-meds as well.

We will introduce you to new technologies that will make your life as a pre-med easier. We will interview medical school students, doctors, and other people you may be interested in hearing about. There will be tips on surviving orgo, biochem, phyics, and what have you.

Our main goal running this blog is to hopefully survive and reach our goal of med school, and help you guys along the way.


Pre Med Hell was founded in late 2009 by a group of undergraduate students, the first posts were added in early 2010. This area will be updated as more history develops. By Feburary 2010, we were averaging approximately 1000 unique readers per month, and that number continues to grow to this date.


At this time we have 3 writers. We are always interested in finding writers to help out. Our only requirement is that the writers be current undergraduate or medical students. If you wish to serve as a regular contributor please use our contact form to drop us a line. 

We are also open to publishing guest posts. For guest posts our regular restriction on student writers does not apply. Please contact us with a proposal prior to writing your post as we cannot guarantee that we will publish it.