Lessons Learned From Steve Jobs
Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 8:59AM

In Memoriam

Steve Jobs


Yesterday the world lost one of the greatest innovators of our generation. Steve Jobs, the former CEO and co-founder of Apple; showed this world what was possible and tried to stretch the limits. He showed the world how to see things in a whole new light. I could sit and talk here for pages and pages about how Steve Jobs revolutionized the PC industry, the tech industry, the music industry, the film industry, and the list goes on; but I’m going to talk about lessons that everyone can take from his beautiful life. In the words of Michael Arrington “Goodbye, Steve. You lived. You really, really lived.”

Good is not good enough

We live in a generation where striving for perfection isn’t popular. Steve taught us that this mentality is wrong. We should always strive to be better. Good is never good enough. Especially for those of us hoping to enter the field of medicine lives depend on how good we are, and we should always strive to be the very best that we can be.

It’s not about the numbers

Steve Jobs was once asked about numbers and market share; he responded by talking about how they goal is to focus the spotlight on the product. When you have a good product the numbers will come, because product is everything. This is the message we try to push here. Premeds in general are too focused on getting good grades, once you become a good student that studies smart the numbers will come. Don’t worry about them.

Remember that you are going to die

This is a lesson from Steve’s amazing Stanford Commencement address. The fear of anything in this world, all the things that today seem important will just fade away when you know death is coming. As Steve Jobs liked to say “Death is a destination we all share.”

There are hundreds if not thousands more things to learn from Steve’s amazing life. I challenge each of you to set aside 15 minutes this weekend and watch his Commencement Speech. I guarantee that each of you will take something from it. Let us know what lessons you took from Steve Jobs in the comments below.

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