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Interesting Read: The Hidden and Informal Curriculum During Medical Education

Another great blog post by Dr. Shock about Medical Education, this time he writes about a recent study on the "informal" curriculum during medical school and the impact it has on medical education published in Academic Medicine: Journal of the AAMC. It is extremely interesting how many common themes they found, this post is definitely worth a read; it shows the impact that these interactions between students and faculty have on professionalism and other professional values. Dr. Shock writes:

Recent published research studied the informal and hidden curriculum by using medical students’ critical incident narratives. Medical students were asked during their third year clerkship in internal medicine to report professional critical incidents, events that thought them something about professionalism and professional values or the lack thereof.

Really worth a read, if anything it will make you a tad bit smarter. It's really mind blowing how much politics and underlying subthemes have to do with everything.

The Hidden and Informal Curriculum During Medical Education [via Dr. Shock MD PhD]

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Our Favorite Medical Blogs

This is a list of some of our favorite medical blogs, they are listed in no particular order. They are written by medical students, residents, doctors, and other health care professionals. By no means is this a complete list, feel free to comment with more suggestions.

Medgadget -

Medgadget is a blog that covers the newest in medical technology, it has tons of great content about emerging technologies. This might not be for if your not not really into technology, but they show some really cool technologies, and it gives you a good glimpse into the future of medical technology

Dr. Shock MD PhD -

This website has a ton of great content on it, Dr. Shock MD PhD is written by an MD/PhD and contains some great reviews of new studies and journal articles. Reading this website will definitely raise your IQ by a few points.

Dr. Grumpy's Blog -

This is a blog written by a neurologist, and it is extremely entertaining. Dr. Grumpy writes about the parts of his day that drive him insane. Very straight forward and always good for a great laugh.

Musing of a Distractible Mind -

This is a website written by a primary care physician, he often talks about his job, and the healthcare industry in general. It's a great blog to read to keep up to speed with current issues in health care.

Kevin MD -

This is a great blog written by Dr. Kevin Pho MD, who is a primary care physician. Dr. Kevin writes some great posts as well as hosts some great guest posts. You should read this blog coming up to your interviews it will give you some great insights into the current healthcare industry, and politics around health care. You will really be able to impress some people just by regurgitating information on this site.

Chronicles of a Medical Student -

This blog provides great insight into the life of a medical student, it is very entertaining and gives you a very realistic look into the life you want to walk into.


Interesting Read: Selection of Medical Students

I came across this blog post a couple days ago, and found it to be extremely insightful. Dr. Shock MD, PhD wrote his review of a study published in the journal "Medical Education". The study analyzed the selection of medical school students in the Netherlands and their rate of success, and also how medical schools selected students, after the system of Numerous Fixes was abolished in the Netherlands. 389 medical students that were admitted to medical school by being selected were compared against 938 that were admitted through the lottery. The interesting result of the study was that they discovered almost no major differences.

The only significant difference between groups was a lower drop out rate of medical school , this was 2.6 times lower in the selected group compared to those admitted to medical education by lottery. The groups didn’t differ in the percentage of optimally performing students or grade points for their first examinations. The authors explain this with the argument that the selection process excluded most of the potential drop outs.

The interesting part of this study is how they selected the students, which Dr. Shock goes more into detail about. The Extracurricular activities that those students did, I think are quite similar to activities that are done by almost all premed students in the United States. This is a great post, and also a great example of how to summarize a study.

Selection of Medical Students[via Dr. Shock MD PhD]


The Pre-Med Hell Guide on Shadowing


We just ended our series on shadowing, and had a lot of fun writing it, so make sure you guys send us emails, tweets, and comments with suggestions for improvements, and new posts. This post is really meant as a wrap-up and a place for all of you to find the whole series.

Start here: Finding Physicians to Shadow

This was our guide on finding doctors to shadow, and how to utilize your options, and maximize your chances for being allowed to shadow a doctor.

Then read this: Finding Contact Information for Doctors

This was the post we wrote so that everyone could easily utilize their resources to find contact information for almost all doctors.

Your almost there: How to ask a doctor to shadow them

This was one of our longest posts in the series, we covered various ways of contacting them, what to ask, what to say, and even included sample email templates and phone scripts.

Finally the end: What to expect when shadowing

This was the last post in this series, we covered how to dress, what to do in order to prepare, what to expect, and what to do afterwards to maximize the impact and gain more opportunities.

Please comment on this post and any of our other posts with suggestions for improvement, and suggestions for new topics, we have a lot of exciting posts coming up for you guys. Also let us know if you have had any success stories with our methods.

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What to expect when shadowing

This is the last post in our series on shadowing, the purpose of this post is to tell you how you need to dress, what to do before you go in, and what to expect. After reading all of these posts, we expect all of you to go out and find doctors to shadow, and then post in the comment about your experiences, and other suggestions for us to improve our guide on shadowing.

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How to ask a doctor to shadow them

So after our last post in our series, we are sure that you went and took our advice, and found a doctor to shadow. But we got quite a few emails about how to ask the doctor to shadow them, so our writers took the time to sit down and compile their "Pro-Tips" for asking doctors. We are sure that you will be able to find a doctor to shadow using the methods outlined here.

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Finding Contact information for Doctors

After our last post on shadowing, we received many emails asking us how to find contact information for doctors. We decided to write a post dedicated to the best methods that we have for not only getting in contact with doctors, but with doctors that you have a high chance of shadowing with.

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