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Contest Update and Twitter Lists

Contest Update

We are at about 60 members on the facebook group and close to 20 twitter followers, pretty soon we will be giving away the first books in this giveaway. So please tell all of your friends to follow us on twitter and facebook, also please tell them to subscribe to our RSS feed via email or through a RSS reader.

Twitter Lists

We are also announcing our the first of many twitter lists we have created, @premedhellblog/medical-schools is a list of as many medical schools as we could find on twitter, feel free to tweet us any medical schools we may have missed. This list makes it easy for all of you pre-meds on twitter to keep up with information coming out of medical schools via twitter. So go on twitter and follow the list today.

Also if you are a pre-med student, follow us on twitter and send us a tweet with the #PMH tag telling us that you are a pre-med, and we will add you to our new list of pre-med students, that we will be setting up in a few days.

Thank You

We feel that many content producers don't thank their readers, we don't want to make the mistake. Regardless of how many or how few twitter, facebook, and RSS, followers we may have, we would like to take some time to thank all of you for reading our posts. It means a lot to us that someone out there is reading our work, and its what keeps us going. We would love to see you guys post more comments, and contact us through our form or twitter, facebook, we love hearing from you guys. 

So thanks a lot for taking the time out of your day to read our posts, and remember to spread the word.

-The PMH Team

P.S. We have a ton of great posts for you guys this week, we are finishing off the shadowing series, and continuing our book review series, as well as starting 2 more series.

P.P.S. If you ever have any questions about being a pre-med or the process, just send us a tweet or again use our contact form.


Finding Physicians to Shadow

I have had many of my friends and acquaintances come to me and tell me that they cannot find doctors to shadow. They always ask me how I have managed to find doctors that I can shadow, and that every doctor they ask seems to say no. I have compiled a list of 5 tips that have helped me and many others find doctors that were willing to allow a "pre-med" to shadow them.

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Giveaway update! and Book Review Progress!

Expect the next book review to be up soon, and we are making great progress on the facebook front with almost 20 fans, another 83 more to go until our first facebook giveaway! On the twitter side things are progressing much slower we have 5 followers, and need 95 more for our first twitter giveaway.


Follow us on twitter or fan us on facebook, we will be having special giveaways for our twitter follower and facebook fans coming up. Also please be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed.


Special Giveaways to twitter and facebook fans/followers

We will be giving out copies of each of our 5 recommended books, as we gain fans and followers on our twitter and facebook pages. They will be given out on the the following schedule one to a facebook fan and one to a twitter follower:


  1. When we reach X # of twitter followers 1 copy will be given out to one of our twitter followers the same applies to our facebook fans. (i.e. when we have 100 twitter follower and 50 facebook fans only a copy of "When the Air Hits the Brain" will be given out to a twitter follower)
  2. Drawings will be held completely randomly.
  3. You can win multiple times for different books, but you can't win both copies of the same book, also if you win more than one book you are not eligible to win the set.
  4. We will ship within the United States, you will be provided with an amazon gift certificate elsewhere, and be responsible for customs and shipping else where.

So follow us on twitter and facebook and spread the word, the faster we reach the benchmarks, the faster we can give away these books.


When the Air Hits Your Brain: Tales from Neurosurgery

I planned on starting this book before I went to bed, hoping to get in 50-60 pages before hitting the sack...but little did I know that I made a huge mistake. Dr. Vertosick’s book is nothing short of captivating, I could not put it down until I finished reading it at 1:30 AM.

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Must Read Books for Pre-Med Students

We at Pre Med Hell have compiled a list of five books, which we think all pre-med students should read. We chose the books by asking current medical school students and physicians which books they would recommend as “must read” books for any undergraduate student looking to enter medical school. Over the next few weeks we will be writing in depth reviews of each of the five books. These books are listed in no particular order, and are all equally good books.

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