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Failing out of Premedical School and Coming Back Swinging

Hey everyone, it’s been a hell of a few months hasn’t it? The general consensus last semester was, “This is the worst semester I’ve ever had.” In the past four months, I don’t think I’ve heard one good thing about it. The stress is always more than enough and somehow at the end of finals we kiss the ground and wonder how in the world we’re still standing here and why oh why do we even want to come back? But the last semester, for everyone, was insurmountable, completely unbearable, so, what better time than to write a post about slightly falling short of the grades you were hoping for or expecting. There must have been toxins in the air last semester and it would be terrible if people quit their dream because of it.

If becoming a doctor isn’t for you and you really have no desire to do it then go into a field that you’re passionate about. There’s no shame in having a career that you really love and while there is initial disappointment in the beginning, it will fade and you will be a much happier person. Forget about the people who talk nonsense about changing, you know you could have done it if you wanted too, but it’s not something you want to do, so don’t sweat it. They’ll eventually come around and support you if they matter. And if they don’t, then why do they matter?

However, if this is something you really want, if becoming a doctor is a part of your existence and you’re just not feeling confident about it; if you don’t want to go for another semester, if you’re tired of being kicked to the ground, then maybe these few headers will help you come back for another round. And, honestly, if they don’t then please email me or Mohammad or Jon, don’t give in just yet. Seriously, I’ll give you my personal email if I have to and you can contact me when you get a chance.

You’re Still a Great Person

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We're Looking for New Writers!

As some of you might have noticed recently we haven’t been posting as often. Much of this has to do with life, hitting all of us at about the same time. Jon is on his way to graduation and medical school, Brian is trying to balance his running schedule with his classes, and I just finished the MCAT and am trying to get through the committee process. As with any group it’s important to keep bringing in fresh minds to help keep the content fresh.

If you feel that you are a capable writer, who’s willing to engage our awesome audience and speak to several thousand premeds with every post, you’re just the kind of person we’re looking for.

  • Requirements:
    • Current student
    • Premed student, preferred, medical students will be considered.
    • Great enthusiasm and passion for what you do.

So if you’re interested in writing for us, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will take a look at your application. Make sure you include the following:

  • Application
    • Contact information (preferred email, skype, cell phone number)
    • Current school and graduation date
    • Resume
    • A statement no longer than 150 words explain why you want to write for us and what you hope to bring to the site and its readers
    • 10 story ideas (note not 10 posts, 10 ideas; bullet point list is fine)
    • 2 ready-to-publish guest posts from those 10 ideas, roughly 300 words (max. 400 words)

Start writing and we’re hoping to see some great applications.



Happy First Birthday PMH

Can you believe its already been one whole year since we put up our first post. We started with just one writer (myself), and have now expanded to three (Jon and Brian). We've helped close to 16,000 students, wrote guest posts featured on some of the top blogs (HackCollege, Campusbyte, and CollegeThrive). Some of  us have been accepted to medical school, and some of us are getting read to take our MCATs (25 days!). We've even been on some podcasts.

We've helped people with finals, interviewing, applications, exercise, sleeping, not sleeping, motivation, majors, and a whole bunch of other stuff. In the past year we went from 0 fans/followers to 359 followers on twitter and 434 fans on facebook

We would like to take this time to thank all of you guys for supporting through this year, because we surely couldn't have done it without you guys; and we hope to have an even bigger and better 2011.

Please let us know in the comments below what you guys would like to see us do better this year


Happy New Year!

Image Courtesy of Flickr user taivasalla and licensed under CC 2.0

In a few hours 2010 will wind to a close and 2011 will begin, for many of us this will mark the year we apply to medical school, for others this is when we start medical school, and for many this will be the year they begin their premed journey. So from all of us here we wish you a Happy New Year.

Let’s look back at some of your favorite posts this year (as judged by views) in no particular order:

We were lucky enough to post a couple of great guest posts across the internet this year as well, if you haven't already please do try and read them:

Once again from Jon, Brian, and myself we hope that you have a happy and successful new year.


New Years Resolutions

The year is finally coming to a close we have a few days of 2010 left before we begin 2011, for some of us this year will begin the start of our medical school education, for others it will mean the start of applications, and some may even begin their first steps in their premedical education this year. We here at Pre-Med Hell sincerely hope that you enjoyed the posts we wrote this year as much as we enjoyed writing them for you, and hope that all of you have a successful and prosperous New Year.

Every year most of us create resolutions that we say we will act on, and for some we manage to succeed and for other we give up shortly after the New Year begins. It is no coincidence that January is the best month for most health and fitness clubs. In this post we are going to attempt to cover ways to help you keep your resolutions and to become a better and well-rounded individual.

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My own Dante's Inferno...or Applying to Med School: Jon Edition (Part Deux)

I know I know, it's been a ridiculously long time since writing my first post on med school apps. I got so busy at school with classes, theater, and interviews that I didn't have time to blog for our millions of readers (ok, not millions, but spread the word! tell you're friends! we're a big deal!). 

Anyways, I figured I would take this winter break (hallelujah!) to play some catch up, post a little more regularly, and update yall on my application cycle. Let's I left off with finishing primaries. At this point in the game, if you're currently applying, the following info won't be terribly useful (though maybe entertaining?), but for future applicants, it should help.

So, let's talk secondaries. All summer, these were the bain of my existence, the reasons I locked myself in my room on many a summer night after getting out of work, the outcome of which made me cry myself to sleep and wake up early worrying that I had something left to finish (ok, so maybe not the first part of that statement, but you get the idea). Moral of the story: Secondary applications are ENERGY VAMPIRES.

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Happy Holidays from Pre-Med Hell


Take in a huge deep breath and a long exhale. Finals are officially over and you made it through this wonderful semester. School is out for the winter break. No chemistry concepts, no biology note cards, no memorization, no scantons or bluebooks for the next couple weeks. It’s time to take a few days to enjoy life, get out of that stuffy room you’ve been in for months, and go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Catch up with family and friends, news articles, Youtube videos, exercise, sleep, and all the other stuff you said you would put off until now.

While the break’s main focus should be on textbook detoxing and stress relief, it should also be somewhat productive. Read that book you've wanted to the last few semesters, call a doctor and do a few days of shadowing after the holidays, or a few hours of volunteering. Take a few moments to get further along in your pre-med track with effective activities/extra curriculars.

On behalf of Pre-Med Hell, we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a wonderful Kwanza, an excellent new year, and happy Holidays. Take care this break and we’ll see you guys soon enough.

[To anyone studying for the MCAT, our hearts go out to you and good luck.]

We would love to hear what you’re going to do for the holidays and the break. If you have any great ways to spend the next few weeks, please let us know. Feel free to leave us a comment about what you’re doing or what we should be doing.