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Working with a Recommendation Committee

Before I write about the actual topic of this post, let me introduce myself...HI! I'm Jon, one of the new writers here at PMH. I'm a junior Bio major with an affinity for musical theater (yes, theater people can be pre-meds), zombie knowledge (everyone should have a preparedness plan), and gluten-free food (actually, I hate the stuff, but I hate Celiac Disease ya). This summer (actually, in the next few weeks), I'll be starting that exciting/painful/stress-inducing/euphoric/hellish adventure into applying for med school. Here, I'll be providing some insight into the realistic DOs (and probably more likely, the DON'Ts) of applying. Hopefully along the way I'll also be able to give some other tips and now!

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Stress Management Tips

I’m sitting here on a Sunday night, the weekend is coming to a close, and I’m starting to feel the stress of finals, which are in a week for me. As college students one of the constants in our lives is stress, which can really take a toll on us; so I’ve compiled a list of a few tips that have helped me to deal with the constant stress we deal with, and I hope that they help you guys out as you go through finals in these next few weeks.

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The Email Trap

If you’ve been subscribed to the blog, and have been keeping up with some of the more recent post, you may have noticed that I have been writing a lot about productivity tips and time management techniques. Inspired a little bit by Jay Willingham’s recent post on CampusByte about his “internet fast” so to speak, I decided to track where my time on the internet was actually going. I didn’t really have any scientific methodology behind my experiment; I just made a chart with some of my most common surfing habits, and put a tick next to it each time I did it.

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Fighting the end of semester burnout

It’s that time of the semester again our professors are generous enough to swamp us with assignments they didn’t assign earlier in the semester. Its April the semester is close to ending, and we are all getting lazy and starting to burn out. I have compiled some of my favorite tips to help combat the end of the semester burnout. I can be hard to keep yourself going through this last month or so of school especially as a premed.

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Welcome To Our College Thrive Readers

We would like to welcome all the readers visiting from CollegeThrive, due to our recent post on curing the spring break hang over. Check out some of our best posts:

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Beat Procrastination and Get Things Done

We at PMH are fairly great at one thing, and that is putting of our work till the last possible moment. Conventional wisdom suggests that after the first all nighters you pull to finish that super important paper, you would learn your lesson and get things done earlier. But alas, there is always that party, movie, video game, etc. getting in your way. So we here at PMH have compiled a list of our best "Pro-Tips" to beat procrastination and actually get things done.

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H.R. 3962 (The Healthcare Bill) and Us (Students)

Last night the United States House of Representatives passed a sweeping healthcare reform bill [H.R. 3962 – 1990 pages large .pdf file] through a process known as reconciliation. The bill was voted on fairly late at night, with unanimous dissent from the Republican block and some democrats. The administration was able to push through the votes by passing an executive order containing restrictions of abortion funding with federal funds and gaining the support of key anti-abortion democrats. The bill was finally passed after over a year of debate last night.

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