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We would like to welcome all the readers visiting from CampusByte, due to our recent post on efficient cramming techniques. Check out some of our best posts:

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We haven't forgotten about the Healthcare reform bill

I swear! We are working on a post, and keeping with our policy of having no statement we are trying to write a balance article on what this bill will do for all. Expect a post to come up around  2PM central time. We would also like to apologize for the gaps in between posts, we are a one man show over here and are desperately looking for writers, and are working on getting new writers in. (If you are a pre-med and want to write for us hit the contact button on your top right)

Sorry for the delay,

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Issues In Health Care: End of Life Care

Continuing our series on current issues in health care, today we will talk about end of life care. End of life care is defined as medical care for those with terminal illness or a terminal condition that has advanced to a point at which it is incurable. Many issues are raised when end of life care is brought up such as palliative care, rationing, and patient autonomy. In this post we will discuss the costs and issues associated with end of life care.

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Study Like a Champion and New Contest  


We would like to take this post to announce our partnership with Study Like a Champion. SLAC is a great company that produces clothing to motivate people to study, their hoodies, tee-shirts, and sweat bands are guaranteed to motivate you to study. In addition to that they have a great social initiative called the “SLAC Campus Fund” a part of all sales are allocated to this fund, which is for schools and other organizations that support class trips to college campuses for less privileged high schools, to promote a greater interest in higher education. SLAC is like a daily dose of motivation, whenever you feel your concentration slipping they are always their to get you back on track.

Their website is a great source for study playlists, motivational quotes, champion lessons, and champion hits. They have been generous enough to provide a new contest and coupon code for all of our readers.

Contest Details:

Submit your funniest/craziest studying story in the comments below (please include your email address in the email address field so that we can contact you if you win); the top two stories will win a SLAC study pack containing the following:

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Issues in Health Care: Malpractice Reform

One of the main issues in the realm of healthcare is the reform of the medical malpractice system. Every year many doctors are sued for negligence, sometimes these are true cases of professional negligence, other times; the case may fall into a gray area. What do you do if an honest mistake was made; it is not possible to reach a point at which no mistakes will be made. Many of the time juries hand out multimillion dollar verdicts against the doctors, this leads to increasing premiums and in turn increasing costs for the rest of us to obtain medical care. In some cases physicians have left the profession due to the nature of medical malpractice, the laws vary from state to state, and in some cases physicians have moved to states with more favorable laws for their specialty (we are not sure how common this actually is). Over the years there has been much debate over the issue, and the various ways forward.

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We need your help

Thanks to all of you guys, we have been growing really fast. Since January we have doubled traffic, and gotten re tweeted, linked, and spread around some amazing places, and we really have to thank all of you guys for getting us this far.

Because of this we have been approached by some individuals in the medical field, and admissions field who are interested in helping us create some custom content. We decided that instead of guests posts we wanted to try either audio or live video. So the two options are, an occasional audio podcast where the guest would share their experiences as well as some helpful tips; or an occasional live video broadcast over ustream, where the guest would share their experiences and some tips as well as have a live interactive Q&A. So please vote in our poll below and let us know what you want to see from us.



Issues in Health Care: The Cost of Medical Education

A topic that is rarely mentioned in the healthcare debate is the cost of medical education. After we did some basic research (read as googled) about the costs of medical education, and proposals to help make going to medical school more affordable; we were shocked to find out how long this has actually been a problem. In less than five minutes of research we were amazed to find journal articles, editorials, and other rants about how expensive medical education is dating back to 1929. It is shocking to see that such a crucial issue, especially for pre-med students like us, is continuously overlooked. In this post we will attempt to bring some light to this issue.

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